We all know that the Victoria’s Secret models can work a cat walk, but how well can they work a plate of chicken wings? That’s something The Late Show host Stephen Colbert set to find out the answer to.


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Last night, Colbert aired a segment featuring supermodels Behati Prinsloo, Adriana Lima, and Taylor Hill. The three Victoria’s Secret Angels stopped by the show before taping the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion show—a.k.a “the World Series of intimate apparel” and the “Super Bowl of underpants”—in November. He asked the models to do the “one thing America wanted to see them do,” which is eat a “giant pile” of buffalo wings. (Shouts out to Colbert, a true American hero.)


Decked out in full angel wings, the three models were each given a stacked platter wings (hopefully none of which were purchased on the black market). While Prinsloo and Hill went H.A.M, Lima chickened out with just one bite complaining that the buffalo wings were “spicy”—which is exactly what makes the wings “buffalo wings.” Colbert got in on the action, embracing the spiciness and joking, “These things will go through you like a bullet train to Tokyo.”


Impressively, Hall never really stopped eating except to ask Colbert if the wings were “organic.” Colbert hilariously responded: “I’m not sure. All I know is that these are the wings from the angels who didn’t make the cut.” Colbert for president!

And speaking of models and wangs, never forget the time our idol Chrissy Teigen masterfully balanced a plate of chicken wings on her booty.

what’s up chicken butt

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