It appears as if major chains are drawing culinary inspiration from the shelves of a 7-Eleven these days. First Taco Bell dropped a Doritos-coated taco shell on the world and now, according to a press release, Buffalo Wild Wings is slathering its wings in a Mountain Dew sauce. Yes, that’s right, the chain is making a sauce with the bright-green soda that looks like it belongs in Dexter’s Laboratory.

The Mountain Dew sauce—which is technically known as the chain’s Zesty Citrus Sauce—also features lemongrass, ginger, soy sauce, and red peppers, writes Grub Street. The name is pretty tame considering that the sauce includes hefty amounts of Mountain Dew, a soda that has tag lines like “Do the Dew” and has its own skateboarding team. Regardless, the new Zesty Citrus Sauce wings will debut at locations around the nation on December 14.

Somehow this isn’t the first time Mountain Dew has been incorporated into a food product. Last year, Frito Lay gifted Japan Mountain Dew-flavored Cheetos. According to a reviewer, they snack tastes like “sweet lemon lime chips.” Arguably, it’s better to flavor foods with Mountain Dew than flavor Mountain Dew with other foods such as the Doritos-spiked Mountain Dew mash-up Pepsi was testing a while back dubbed Dewitos.