Just in time for Friday afternoon, Redditor DonnyGeeseGuy brings word of a chicken finger served at the restaurant he works at that looks unmistakably like a circumcised penis.

Seriously: Sometimes fruits and veg looks a bit naughty to those of us with dirty minds, but this poultry schlong—dubbed the “Buffalo Dicken Finger” is the most phallic foodstuff we’ve ever seen. If you received this order while eating with your family, your, um, jerk reaction would probably be to spear it with a knife and fling it across the room.

chickenfinger_gone_badPhoto: DonnyGeeseGuy/Reddit

Needless to say, fellow Redditors were quick with the jokes. A few gems:

  • “Just the dip?”
  • “you’d be surprised at how fast the food came”
  • “Looks like you got shafted.”
  • “That looks like a penis.”

Thank you, Internet.

[via Daily Dot]