The last time we heard from Massachusetts residents (and viral-Internet legends) Michael Bergin and Jason “JAY!” Foster, they’d just snagged an approximately 7-foot, 800-pound sunfish in Boston Harbor. Their catch itself was notable (sunfish are typically only found in open waters), but it was their “M*sshole”-approved narration that caused their fish story to briefly set the Worldwide Web on fire.


Now, Bergin and Foster are back—or at least Bergin’s infamous curses and nasally accent are. One brilliant YouTube user decided to inject the trailer for the recently released Ron Howard epic “The Heart of the Sea” with Bergin’s dialogue, which he called “In the Heart of the Baby Wheel, Dood.”

To be blunt: The period piece looks exponentially better than it did previously (stilted 19th-century English is always borderline trash).

Watch the whole wicked f*ckin’ awesome video above. “The Heart of the Sea” is in theaters now.

[H/T BuzzFeed]