No one hates to wait for fast-food as much as vlogger Brandy Wooten. After waiting for an extended amount of time for her freshly baked McDonald’s cookies, Wooten put on a show for the camera as she ripped apart the staff who politely asked her to pull over and wait two minutes for her dessert. 

Brandy began to lash out at the manager of the McDonald’s restaurant, complaining she had called ahead of time with her cookie order. Throughout the entire video, Wooten speaks to the manager with her back turned, facing the camera.

While Wooten thought her irrational behavior was validated by the long wait time, the way she treated the McDonald’s staff was inhumane and outright disrespectful. After putting up with over a minute of Brandy’s tirade, the manager finally asked her to leave, filming Wooten with her own iPhone camera. Wooten gives a shout out to her followers on the manager’s video before leaving for good.

If this at #Viral idk what is #brandyhive#topicofdiscussion #Viral #Sensational #lupuserythematosus #TurnUppppppp #Number dont lie

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The video was posted to Wooten’s 40,000 followers on her Facebook page, quickly going viral—but not for the reasons Brandy thought it would.

After taking down the video on her Facebook page, Wooten re-uploaded it to YouTube where she explains,

“Sorry not sorry if I wanted to bake my own I would have but I love McDonald’s cookies I just hate they store can never have shit together for the sake of the cookie lovers.”

It’s hard to believe someone who wouldn’t even give a person eye contact would expect to be treated like royalty.

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