Erick Erickson—a conservative blogger and one of the world’s biggest idiots—has demonstrated why he is so deserving of the title “douchebag supreme” twice in just over 48 hours. First he shot holes with a gun through the New York Times’s editorial on gun control and tweeted out a picture, and today he sent out what might be the most inane food-related tweet of all time.

Today marks the anniversary of the bombing of Pearl Harbor, an incredibly sad moment in this nation’s history. Erickson tried to demonstrate what a true red-blooded American he is with a tweet about what he did not eat on this day growing up, but instead revealed that he needs another lesson in American history:

Yes, he doesn’t eat “Asian food” on December 7, because it was supposedly Asia that attacked America. It’s incredibly ignorant to blame an entire continent for the event, and to fail to differentiate between the many countries and cultures that make up Asia. Japanese food is wholly different from Chinese food which is wholly different from Indian food, but all of these cuisines are technically Asian. Plus, if Erickson really was such a patriot, by his logic he would avoid Italian food and any sort of German influenced cuisine (bye bye beer and sausages), for perhaps all of time? Why exclude the cuisines of those two countries—both of which also killed Americans during WWII.

Erickson also forgot that there were some “Asian” countries that fought alongside the Allied forces during the war and suffered many, many casualties. This is something internet superstar and entrepreneur Anil Dash points out very eloquently:

While Erickson is claiming that leftists are “frothing” over nothing, the Internet has issued a swift response tweeting out hilarious and ridiculous examples using his fuccboi logic: