While some families wind down after a large Thanksgiving meal with a game of Pictionary, Alyse Schiedler‘s stepdad took a slightly different approach to post-dinner entertainment.

This sixty-year-old stepdad is a beer-yoga beast. Not only can the guy effortlessly chug a pint of beer without the help of his hands, the dude is incredibly flexible.

Watch as he slowly balances the beverage on his forehead as he makes his way down to the floor.


Next, he cups the drink between his legs and slowly goes into a plow to transfer the beer from his head to the ground.


Once the drink is safely placed on the floor, the dad skillfully makes his way back up, suctioning the drink in a child’s pose-like position.


He then is able to effortlessly guzzle his drink down in one gulp.


What a GAWD.

[via YouTube]