It looks like the Grinch strikes again—this time trying to nab a few stacks (and some Double Downs) rather than toys.


Metro reports that an armed man dressed as Santa Claus climbed through a KFC drive-thru window in Derbyshire, England, where he yielded a knife and demanded access to the store’s safe. 

According to a KFC spokesperson, the man threatened staff with the weapon, forcing the employees to step aside as the bad Santa stole a large sum of cash and hit the road. While no one was hurt, the location is “offering employees any support they need.”

As of now, it isn’t clear how much money the phony Father Christmas was able to take from the KFC. Police are still searching for the 5’10”, stocky man whom a spokesperson described as wearing “a red hat, red jacket and a black top.”

You would think a joyful figure like Jolly Old Saint Nick wouldn’t make a great disguise for a robbery, but it looks like dressing up as Santa for nefarious means is a frequent phenomenon. Back in 2009, an armed Santa imposter robbed a bank just so he could “pay his elves.” It might be time we start paying our Santas better.

[via Metro]