A group of amateur Australian fishermen have begun mass fishing for bull sharks, which are considered to be one of the most dangerous sharks in the world according to National Geographic. So far, the teens have been extremely successful, hauling in up to 100 sharks per week.

The group has been reeling in the bull sharks from a Gold Coast canal chock full of the creatures. According to the Gold Coast Bulletin, the bull sharks living in the canal have already been responsible for two fatal attacks.

Instead of killing the sharks upon capture, the team has opted to release their hauls because the state government only allows for the fishermen to be in possession of one bull shark per person. To combat catching the same shark twice, the group keeps tabs on how many they have hooked, tagging the sharks before they release them back into the ocean.

Kaiden Anderson, an ecology student at Australia’s Griffith University, is one of the members that takes the shark hunting very seriously. He explains, “the adrenaline really pumps when we pull them. They are great to target because there are just so many of them.” Another member, Josh Bundren, explains,

“There is a lot of teamwork involved. You have to fish with other guys, because of the sheer power of the sharks they could knock you into the water.”

Along with great whites and tiger sharks, bull sharks are among the most common species to attack humans. Although humans are not typically a meal they often enjoy, the sharks will occasionally attack people out of curiosity. 

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[via Gold Coast Bulletin]