Remember when you were a kid, and you mixed every type of soda together when you went out to eat? It looks like the children of today may never get to experience the sensation of mixing Mountain Dew with Fanta.

DineEquity, the company behind IHOP and Applebee’s, has decided to eliminate soda from children’s menus in an attempt to guide kids towards making healthier decisions. According to Fox News, Applebee’s and IHOP will be the first fast-casual restaurants to adopt this soda-free plan.

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Children adamant about having a soda with their chocolate chip pancakes can still indulge in a Sprite, just as long as the adult chooses to order the drink for the child.

Jessica Almy from the Center for Science in the Public Interest nutrition policy counsel praises the menu change. She says,

“Soda and other sugar drinks promote diabetes, obesity, tooth decay and even heart disease, and a kids’ menu is no place for disease-promoting drinks. Responsible restaurants are on the fast track toward making soda for kids a thing of the past.” 

Plus, after you drink a can of Cola-Cola, your body goes from a dopamine-like high to a sugar-induced crash, leaving you tired, thirsty, and craving another coke.

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