In the latest installment of Fuck That’s Delicious, chef-turned-rapper Action Bronson meets up with his high-school friend and certified truffle hustler Mike Rojas of Urbani Truffles to sample some of the best truffle dishes NYC has to offer.

As we shadow Rojas through his deals at various restaurants throughout the city, Bronson gains some serious truffle intel from some of the best chefs in New York City.

Here’s what we learned about truffle hunting at some of the city’s most luxe restaurants: 

Per Se

What to look for: Chef de cuisine Eli Kaimeh tells Bronson he focuses on appearance when it comes to picking out the perfect tuber. Kaimeh’s pro tip? He looks for round truffles with less crevices because sand can hide in the little holes.

Iconic truffle dish: Soft-scrambled Americauna hen eggs with Castelmagno cheese and shaved white truffles


What to look for: Executive chef Frank Langello chooses dense white truffles with a limited amount of spots and holes. To Langello, the harder the better. He also notes to watch out for worms inside truffles. After all, the tubers do come from the ground.

Iconic Truffle Dish: Braised beef agnolotti with butter and Parmigiano under a bed of truffles


What to look for: Michael White looks for sweet, delicate, and garlic-y tubers with high density. White notes if the truffle is light, this means the tuber has been out of the ground for a while. A heavy truffle leads to ultimate freshness.

Iconic Truffle Dish: Aged steak and a cheeseburger with black truffles

[via Munchies]