Apparently for one British man, the opportunity to snag free food is worth the risk of spending time in jail.

After being denied a free fishcake at Friary Fish Bar, in Cardiff, Wales back in October, Nikki Griffiths was not pleased—so he pulled out an imitation gun to try and spook the Fish Bar employee into giving him a free meal. 

The New York Daily News reports the employee thought Griffiths was going to shoot her. Instead, he placed the gun back in his pocket explaining, “It’s not worth it,” before heading out the door for good. Authorities later found the gun he used in the robbery was not even capable of firing.

When police later found Griffiths, he admitted he was drunk during the episode. All he wanted was to get his hands on some free food.

According to Wales Online, this isn’t Griffiths first offense. Turns out he has accumulated 116 of them throughout the years, many of which were related to theft, robbery, and disruptive drunken behavior.

Griffiths has pleaded guilty to the attempted robbery with a fake gun and now faces three years and four months in jail. Now he must ask himself, was it really worth it?

[via NY Daily News]