Some people just really love Johnny Rockets. Like, really love it, to the point that they want to strip down to nothing and bare all in celebration.

That was seemingly the case with a South Florida woman who was caught on film stripping naked at a Johnny Rockets in Miami Beach earlier this month.

The woman, identified as Angelic Isabella Valle, not only stripped naked, but simulated a sex act with a chair and then allowed male patrons to pour everything from water to ketchup on her. During the incident, which was caught on film, Valle seemed to enjoy the attention her nude, lewd behavior was evoking.

However, police were not amused, and the video was used as evidence to track down Valle and arrest her, which happened last week. She was charged with inciting to riot, indecent exposure, lewd and lascivious behavior, disorderly conduct, and breach of the peace. Valle was initially defiant, saying in an Instagram video:

“That shit was fun now that I remember it. Yeah, yeah, yeah, arrest me, it was fun. Take me to jail. It was fun. And everybody looked like they were having fun too so yeah.”

But as her arrest was becoming more of a reality, Valle posted a number of new videos to her Instagram page that seemingly sang a different tune—the first of which let everyone know that she was headed to jail and that she loves us all:

A video posted by Live Love Laugh (@angelicvalle) on

As the situation turned a little more desperate, Valle even tried imploring Hillary Clinton for help. No word yet on whether the presidential candidate will be intervening on her behalf.


A video posted by Live Love Laugh (@angelicvalle) on

The sad truth is that Ms. Valle might not simply be a free-spirited exhibitionist, but quite possibly someone who is suffering from mental illness. Obviously that’s far too complicated to diagnose based off of one cell phone video and a few Instagram posts, but something is definitely not quite right.

And Valle is not the only one police went looking for. One man who is seen on the video engaging with the nude Ms. Valle has already been arrested, and police are searching for another.

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