Earlier this year, Yahoo reported that several companies based out of California and Washington were selling THC-infused coffee pods.

Uncle Ike’s Pot Shop in Seattle is selling “premium infused coffee” pods, which contain 10 mg of THC each, for $10 a pop. Meanwhile, House of Jane in California makes THC-infused K-Cups and ground coffees, available in 20 mg to 120mg doses.

According to CBC News, America’s northern neighbors are now trying to get in on the cannabis-laced coffee pod gameCanadian medical cannabis producer CannTrust has created a single-serve marijuana coffee pod called the CANNCUP; the Ontario company has applied for a license to produce and sell the pod to Canadian medical marijuana users.

CannTrust is waiting for the agency Health Canada to give “the green light for pot-infused edibles like desserts and coffee.” In an email, Health Canada spokesman Sean Upton told CBC News that the agency is “working to determine if these pods would be permissible.” Here’s to hoping!

So, what’s stopping Health Canada from granting a license to CannTrust? Eating edibles—as opposed to smoking weed—gives you a delayed high, and Health Canada claims this “slow and erratic” method of getting stoned has “contributed to overdoses” in some consumers. But CannTrust CEO Eric Paul thinks that the future still looks bright. He says, “We’ve got a change in government and I believe we will see changes in regulations.”

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