If you watched The Office regularly, you likely remember that Kevin, played rather brilliantly by Brian Baumgartner, was not exactly the brightest bulb.


But since departing one of the most iconic TV shows of all time, it seems that Baumgartner has found his way to something equally as genius: beer golf.

Played in a similar fashion to beer pong—except, as the name obviously indicates, using golf clubs and golf clubs instead—beer golf is the brain child of Mark Willard, host of the web series “Celebrities in Golf Carts.” Baumgartner was recently his guest and, as you can see in the video above, the two took turns trying to chip their balls into pitchers of beer. The winner was to be given a fancy(ish) glass beer stein with a “Best Golfer Ever” plaque on it, while the loser would have to drink his suds from a pathetic plastic cup.

Though Baumgartner was able to land a couple of balls, Willard wound up being the first one to the magic number of three, and was declared the winner.

Poor Kevin. His beer golf hopes and dreams have been crushed. But maybe someday he’ll finally achieve his real dream in life:

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