Tragedy has struck at a Waffle House yet again: According to the Sun Herald, 52-year-old waitress Julie Brightwell was killed by a customer who didn’t like one of her requests. Last Friday, 45-year-old Johnny Max Mount was eating at a Biloxi, Mississippi location of the chain. Brightwell—who had been working at the restaurant for eight years—asked Mount to put out his cigarette. The restaurant does not allow smoking inside.

Mount did not take well to the request and shot the Waffle House waitress in the head with a 9mm handgun. Brightwell was rushed to the hospital where she died shortly after. Mount was arrested as soon as he walked out of the restaurant and he has been charged with first-degree murder. Biloxi Police Chief John Miller told the Sun Herald, “I just don’t understand why somebody would be so upset over a cigarette… some stuff like this just defeats logic.”

The Herald reports that Mount was a local firefighter who suffered from a traumatic brain injury in 2002 when he was hit by a car. Mount also lost a limb during the accident. Fire Chief Joe Boney tells the paper: “I don’t know what would happen to push him to that… It’s a tragedy for both families. We pray that he can get the help he needs if he needs it. Obviously, he does.”

This isn’t the first time someone has been shot at a location of the 24-hour breakfast chain. Earlier this year, a customer shot a 19-year-old who was attempting to rob a Waffle House outlet in Charleston. The would be robber died from his wounds. While the patron had a concealed firearm permit, the chain is known for its preference for being gun-free.

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