Chances are, if you are modeling in the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show, you will be bombarded with questions regarding lingerie, workout regimes, and diet routines. In years past, Victoria’s Secret angels have been known to take on some pretty extreme measures in preparation for the big night, leaving many fans under the assumption that some models undergo unhealthy diet routines in the days leading up the show.

Backstage at the fashion show, model Magdalena Frackowiak was asked by a TMZ reporter to detail the meal she was most excited to eat after the event, more or less insinuating she had been depriving herself in order to look runway ready. Frackowiak immediately shut the reporter down and said the question he was asking was “stupid.”


She continued, “It sounds as though I’m starving myself and I can’t wait for the show to end so I can eat.”

Although many models willingly gave insight into their favorite post-show meals, Frackowiak’s response shines light on the general assumptions people have about models’ diets. In the past, Victoria’s Secret models have explained it takes more than a just a focus on dieting to get show-ready; the girls work out like athletes and put hours of preparation into the show. Victoria’s Secret angel Candice Swanepoel told Vogue she eats more so she can exercise more: “I like to feel really strong: to have a good bum and strong legs on the catwalk, so I really focus on that.”

Regardless, this will go down in history as the realest interview to ever happen at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

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