Just weeks ago, a recent iPhone update finally allowed for users to send out the highly anticipated taco emoji, along with the 184 other emoticons, to make wordless conversations flow more seamlessly than ever before. But Unicode, the people behind the emojis, have no plans to stop there.

On Thursday, November 12, Unicode announced it accepted seven new characters as candidates for the next emoji update. The candidates include a stack of pancakes, an egg, a kiwi, and a glass of milk to name a few. Mashable notes that this next generation of emoji characters are not set in stone, there is a good chance you may be able to use these icons in Unicode 9.0, which is coming in May.

In anticipation of the next emoji release, here is a list of emotions you can convey with these five potential new emojis. (All images via Unicode Consortium.)

Hard-Boiled Egg


Can be used to convey: Feeling emotionless or dead inside

Stack of Pancakes


Can be used to convey: You got mad stacks of cash (when combined with any currency emoji), or how your plate is about to look on iHop’s free pancake day.

Glass of Milk


Can be used to convey: Seeing the world glass-half-full or half empty



Can be used to convey: Your love for New Zealanders



Can be used to convey: Peanut allergy or the peanut gallery (when combined with the theater emoji)

[via Mashable]