After a heavy rainstorm left the town of Port Lincoln, Australia flooded, a number of residents were left stuck in their homes. But this didn’t stop eighteen-year-old Australian teen Tamara Barker from getting exactly what she wanted—and what she wanted was a cheeseburger.

After borrowing her best friend’s kayak, Baker made her way over to her resident McDonald’s where she paddled her way through the drive-thru and ordered herself four cheeseburgers, because kayaking can really work up your appetite. The McDonald’s employees were entertained by Tamara’s resourcefulness. She explains, “[The employees] all just sort of laughed and said `this is the best thing. No one thought a kayak would come through the drive through.”

When asked if it was worth paddling down to the McDonald’s for a burger, Baker tells Mashable Australia,

“It was definitely worth getting the kayak. I had so much fun, I paddled about 20 metres down the drive-thru and I was paddling in the car park as well. The flood level was above my knee and did minor water damage to some local business but it wasn’t too bad.”

But hey, even if you’re McD’s isn’t flooded, there are still plenty of other unconventional ways to hit up the drive-thru without a car. Take these two teens grabbing a quick Frappuccino at Starbucks for example.

Or these women who galloped through the McD’s drive thru on horses.

[via Mashable]