After a lifetime of anticipation, Unicode recently granted the world access to the first-ever taco emoji, making it easier than ever to round up the squad for a taco binge.

Last year, Taco Bell led the fight for a taco emoji with a petition to help Unicode understand the dire need for the emoticon. An iOS update later, Unicode released the long-awaited emoji along with a handful of other foods including the burrito, hot dog, and hunk of cheese.

Now, Taco Bell wants you to celebrate the introduction of the emoji with a free Doritos Locos Taco on the house.

From now until December 7th, you can cop a free taco by ordering any item off the Taco Bell menu using the restaurant’s mobile app—just make sure to mention the promotion whilst making your order.

The limited-edition tacos will be served in four sleeves that celebrate the taco and the emoji in all their glory. The sleeve graphics include an emoticon-patterned sleeve and one that looks identical to the taco emoji itself. What a time to be alive.

[via Delish]