Thanksgiving is the ideal time to brush up on those culinary skills and impress your family with that Pinterest-perfect recipe you’ve been eyeing for months. But if there is one thing Thanksgiving dinner teaches us all, it’s that there is plenty of room for error.

We’ve all been there: panicking to fix that over-cooked plate of stuffing 15 minutes before you’re supposed to be at your aunt’s house. But no matter how many hours you slaved in the kitchen this holiday season, these dishes teach us all that just because you can post your food to Instagram doesn’t always mean you should.

From the notorious burnt turkey to an Oreo banana pudding gone wrong, here are 12 of the best struggle plates from Thanksgiving 2015: 

Adding more garnishes won’t help your struggle ham.

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Lighting can make or break your #thanksgivinggram

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Here’s a dish that makes Oreos look disgusting.

What u know about that!!! banna pudding with the oreo

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Thanksgiving mash-up gone horribly wrong.

Doesn’t look good but damn in my belly #peacanpie #pumpkinpie #lookslikeshit

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Nothing says “Thankful to be an American” like Thanksgiving at Hooters.

Trying to hide that ham under a crescent roll isn’t doing you any favors.

A bit late, but Happy #Thanksgiving. #noodles #mashedpotatoes #yams #ham #turkey #greenbeancasserole #crescentroll

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The pilgrims did not colonize America for this.!!!!! #struggleseason #struggleplate #strugglebirds #turkeyday2015

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Doesn’t look like cheese can save this dish.


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Celebrities, they’re just like us.

On tomorrow’s menu…pumpkin failure a la mode. #thanksgivingfail #sad #nodessert #smokedetector #ineedanewoven

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There’s a reason why the turkey is the star of Thanksgiving.

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Being vegetarian on Thanksgiving SMH.