Thanksgiving is America’s reminder to consider the needs of others and give back to your community. This week, rapper and good samaritan Snoop Dogg gave out over 1500 turkeys to families in need in Inglewood, CA—a place the rapper calls his second home. “Snoop Dogg took pictures with over 800 people at the event,” said Inglewood Mayor James Butts.

“I was late today because I was talking to Santa about a Christmas special,” Snoop joked before posing for photos and handing out turkeys.

Maybe “talking to Santa” is slang for smoking fat blunts? Who knows. All that we know is he made it to the turkey giveaway and made a lot of deserving people really happy.


Other rappers who are getting into the Thanksgiving spirit and giving back to their community include DJ Khaled, who’s hosting a turkey drive this week at a Miami location of his wings spot, Finga Licking.

[via TMZ, NBC Los Angeles]

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