Rihanna is finally fulfilling her destiny and ascending to the throne of what will undoubtedly be a marijuana empire.

The singer and pot evangelist is releasing a line of weed products in early 2016, writes Radio.com. The line, which will be called MaRihanna (because who could pass up that pun?), will allegedly feature a number of different strains including Karribean Kush, Haitian Haze, and Jamaican High-grade. Most notably, the MaRihanna line will also include “many different edibles.”

There are few details about what the edibles will actually be, but we’re hoping bad gal RiRi will whip up any of the below:

  • Good Girl Gone High: healthy weed-infused avocado toast
  • FourFiveSeconds (to devour this weed cookie)
  • Weed-Spiked Birthday Cake: Cake, Cake, Cake, Cake
  • Cheers (Smoke to That): weed-infused old fashioned
  • Princess of Chinabiss: weed dumplings
  • Bitch Better Have My Brownie
  • We Found Kush in a Hopeless Place (“hopeless place” being a PB&J sandwich)


MaRihanna will be released in Colorado in early 2016. If you can’t wait that long for Rihanna’s line but still want a fix of the celebrity-endorsed green stuff, there’s always Snoop Dogg’s collection called Leafs by Snoop. The rapper’s line features a slew of edibles including chocolate bars, fruit gummies, and peanut butter chocolate candies.

[via Radio.com]