Reese’s does lots of holiday-themed (predominantly of the Christian variety) candy, like pumpkin- and egg-shaped chocolates for Halloween and Easter, respectively. It shouldn’t surprise sweets lovers when they roll these products out every year, but sometimes the company f*cks up in the eyes of its consumers—like when it dropped its recent round of Christmas trees.

Fans of the company took to Twitter to claim that their trees did not look like trees (some said they better resembled turds).

Reese’s then started responding to consumers’ complaints by tweeting back a link to a “Contact Us Form” webpage, which seems a lot like a “sorry, not sorry” move.

Being the Internet, people started to lash back at the backlash, making reasonable-yet-smarmy remarks about those upset with mass-produced Christmas candy.

What a time.

[H/T KCTV-5]