When the pizza craving strikes, we are willing to do whatever it takes to get a slice. So are dogs, apparently.

Waterbury Connecticut residents Gary LeClerc shared what he calls “funny and educational” footage of one of his three dogs starting a fire after trying to snatch a slice of pizza.

On September 27th, LeClerc’s black labrador, Brookfield, spotted boxes of pizza sitting on top of the family’s stove. She jumps up, burying her nose in the pizza box and nudges the nob of the stove’s burner with her paw. Moments later, the boxes are set ablaze as the LeClerc’s rush into the room to see what transpired.

Gary takes the pizza box off the stove and begins throwing water on the box to extinguish the flame—all while the guilty culprits are watching.

LeClerc tells NBC Connecticut, “My wife and I are really trying to use this video for educational purposes as well as entertainment since it is both funny and eye-opening.”

Eye-opening is right: Inside Edition notes that pets start around 700 fires each year in the United States which means it might be time to find a better place to store that leftover pizza.

From squirrels to rats to dogs, it’s the year of pizza-living animals.

[via NBC Connecticut]