It’s no secret that Oreo has been going berserk with the new releases and insane flavors recently. But it’s hard to match the pure, visceral appeal of the latest WTF snack in the lineup: Oreo-flavored churros.

As of Wednesday, November 18th, Oreo Churros are available on grocery store shelves nationwide, making it possible for homes across the country to experience the #PeakOreo.

The product is everything you love about regular churros, kicked up with extra munchies appeal. Each churro is 10-inches-long and filled with classic Oreo creme. Due to the long shape, you can dunk freely without fear of losing your food in a glass of milk.

If all goes well with the churros, we may be in for even more Oreo products. It has also been rumored that the brand will release the highly-anticipated “filled cupcake” Oreos, which mimic the design and flavor of the beloved Hostess Cupcake.

It’s Oreo’s world. We’re all just living in it.

[via Delish]