It’s no secret that McDonald’s has introduced more than its fair share of new products in the last year, many of which have been unsuccessful (looking at you, McLobster roll).

But after the company introduced an all-day breakfast menu, the fast-food giant seems to be on a roll in terms of successful endeavors. Now, McDonald’s is taking things to the next level by introducing its own brand of mozzarella sticks.

According to BuzzFeed News, McDonald’s began the mozzarella stick experiment in New York City. One can assume the experiment was deemed a success, because today the mega-chain announced it would release the snack nationwide beginning in 2016.

The nationwide launch of mozzarella sticks is one example of the chain drawing from speciality items available at its international locations. McD’s in the UK serves mozzy sticks, but they’re called “mozzarella dippers” (weird).

And McDonald’s is not the only restaurant to draw influence from its international markets. This past summer, Burger King expressed interest in introducing its Indian vegetarian paneer melt in U.S. locations. Score!

The 2016 McDonald’s mozzarella sticks will be available in packs of three for just one dollar. What a time to be alive.

[via BuzzFeed News]