Rest in peace, McDonald’s Dollar Menu. The beleaguered chain is finally replacing one of its most iconic promotions in favor of an even more caloric deal.

Beginning next year, the Golden Arches will launch a “McPick 2″ option where customers can choose two items from the following list: a McChicken, a McDouble, small fries, or mozzarella sticks—because the only thing better than one McChicken is two for just two dollars.

The menu was announced just days after McDonald’s released a mozzarella stick snack retailing for just one dollar. The switch to the “McPick 2″ is an attempt to bring back customers looking to snag a deal after the restaurant moved away from the Dollar Menu.

Back in 2012, McDonald’s introduced an “Extra Value Menu” that offered various items with the price tag of one dollar and up. The Associated Press notes that this menu failed to catch fire, and the restaurant created a “Dollar Menu & More” option that confused customers.

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Now, the “McPick 2″ strives to alleviate the company’s slumping sales when it begins a five-week run starting January 4th—just in time for that weekly cheat-day meal once you begin your New Year’s diet plan.

[via Associated Press]