McDonald’s golden arches may appear a little less than golden these days due the company’s alleged discrimination of immigrants. According to the Chicago Tribune, the Justice Department slapped the fast food chain with a hefty $355,000 fine last week over the claims, even though McDonald’s denies any wrongdoing.

The feds says that they opened an investigation into the french-fry slinger last year “based on calls to its worker hotline” which revealed that McDonald’s had a “long standing practice” of requiring “lawful permanent resident employees to show a new green card when their original document expired.” This is technically an illegal request. Employees who could not provide a new green card were allegedly not allowed to work and lost their jobs as a result.

(Photo: coolinsights/Flickr
Photo: coolinsights/Flickr

A McDonald’s spokesperson tells the paper: “We deny any wrongdoing in this matter, but in order to avoid further expense, and to cooperate with the (Justice Department’s) Office of Special Counsel, we reached a settlement.” The settlement includes the fine and paying employees who lost work time or their jobs due to the practice upwards of $1,600 dollars each.

The chain will also undergo monitoring for 20 months and will “train its employees on anti-discrimination policies.” However, this only applies to employees of company-owned McDonald’s locations—which is only 10 percent of its 14,000 stores. The rest are owned by franchisees.

It has been a rough month for McDonald’s. While the chain is seeing success from its new all-day breakfast menu, it got hit with a lawsuit from a customer just last week. A location in Waterloo, NY is being sued after diners were exposed to food and drinks prepared by an employee who had Hepatitis A.

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