Just days after a brawl between a Waffle House cashier and a drunken employee broke out inside the restaurant, a Minnesota McDonald’s manager was pitted against a drive-thru customer who wanted change for a one hundred dollar bill.

According to ABC 7, the fight broke out after customer Medhat Feshir attempted to pay for a $3 sandwich with his $100 bill. Twenty-two-year-old manager Bernard Robinson was called over bring extra change to the cashier. Once Robinson made his way over to the window, the customer grew violent, attacking the man because he was taking too long with his change.

Robinson was pulled through the drive-thru window and choked as the aggressor grabbed hold of his tie and began kicking him. The McDonald’s manager notes, he thought he was going to choke to death as Feshir relentlessly pulled his tie in an attempt to make Bernard black out. 


Police arrested the attacker at the scene of the fight after the victim was able to pull himself back into the restaurant. Feshir now faces charges of fifth degree assault. 

[via ABC7, CBS Minnesota]