Behold, one of mankind’s greatest creations: the 48-piece Chicken McNugget bucket.

McDonald’s Japan has released this limited-time Nug bucket as a promotion in Niigata Prefecture, in partnership with the pop group NGT48, an idea that sparked after fans began referring to the group as “Nugget 48.”

Eater notes each bucket will come with a commemorative card featuring one of the 25 members of the group, meaning fans would have to consume a minimum of 1,200 McNuggets in order to collect them all.

This entirely necessary creation ranks in at well over 2,000 calories per bucket, but if we’re being honest, we could probably inhale the entire thing if inebriated. After all, don’t we all deserve McNugget buckets at 3am?

McDonald’s locations around the globe have been notorious for offering limited-time McNugget feasts. In years past, McD’s sold 50 McNugget party packs and currently, you can cop a box of forty at your local drive-thru.


[via Kotaku]