Chris Rock once pointed out that “the real daddy” expects to get the big piece of chicken when he comes home at the end of the work day. Well that’s sexist AF, but we digress.

For one Houston man, what’s even more crucial than having the biggest piece of chicken is having the last piece of chicken. In fact, for him, it’s something worth killing for.

According to police reports, on Friday evening, five men were fixing dinner and having drinks at a Houston apartment complex, when one of them, Darwin Perez Gonzalez, made the apparently fatal mistake of eating the last piece of chicken. This angered another man, Reinaldo Cardoso Rivera, so much so that it led to a fist fight out in the parking lot. As the fight escalated, Rivera allegedly stabbed Gonzalez with a knife. Gonzalez died soon after.

Rivera apparently fled the scene, but later returned and admitted to police that he had been the one who stabbed Gonzalez. He was taken into custody and is being charged with murder.

What’s even crazier is that this isn’t the first time someone has been brutally attacked over taking the last piece of food. Back in May, a woman had her eye gouged out with a meat fork after she took the last rib at a BBQ.

So, maybe next time there’s only one piece of chicken left or a single rib remaining, let your friend else have it.

[via ABC 7 News]