An ambitious man tried to smuggle 48,000 cans of Heineken beer into Saudi Arabia by disguising the booze as cans of Pepsi. Little did he know, the government was onto him.

The Saudi Gazette reports the smuggler tried to take the disguised Heineken cans over the Al Bartha border but was stopped when customs realized the cans of Pepsi were really just beer cans covered in stickers. 

Al Batha border General Manager Abdulrahman Al-Mahna explains,

“A truck carrying what first seemed to be normal cans of the soft drink Pepsi was stopped and after the standard process of searching the products, it became clear that the alcoholic beers were covered with Pepsi’s sticker logos,”

Alcohol is currently banned in Saudi Arabia with strict laws against bringing the substance into the country. Gawker reports a British man recently finished a year in prison for possessing a homemade wine and nearly faced 350 lashes as punishment.

Al-Mahna explains that people have begun getting more and more creative with the ways they attempt to smuggle alcohol into the country, but he notes that regardless of the craftiness of the criminal, customs “are always ready and alert to catch” the next mule.

[via The Saudi Gazette]