Director and actor Jon Favreau’s hit movie Chef is getting a Bollywood makeover. Variety reports that the film—which garnered plenty of critical acclaim—will be remade in Hindi. The original film starred Favreau as a professional chef who left his position at a high-end restaurant in Los Angeles. He starts a food truck that slings Cubano sandwiches to reinvent himself and repairs his relationship with his son in the process.

The Bollywood version, which is currently untitled, will “adapt Chef for the Indian palate while retaining the flavor of the original”—so brace for colorful sets and serious musical numbers. Mega Bollywood hunk Saif Ali Khan—who is known for his work in blockbusters like Kal Ho Naa Ho and Dil Chahta Hai—is on board to play Favreau’s role. This isn’t the first time Khan has played a professional looking for redemption all while trying to save his family (hello plot of Ta Ra Rum Pum).

It’s likely that Khan’s version of the food truck will not be serving pressed ham and cheese sandwiches. Perhaps instead he will turn to kati rolls? Dosas? Pav Bhaji? There’s also no word on who the culinary expert on the film will be. Favreau managed to rope in Roy Choi to teach him knife skills and cooking techniques for Chef.

Favreau says he is excited about the project: “I’m excited to see how this personal film translates to the Indian culture. The themes of food, music and family should resonate well.” Vikram Mahlotra, the head of Abundantia Entertainment, the production company behind the film, tells Variety: “Ever since I first saw Chef I knew that this film had to be made in India. Charming relationships, a feel-good story and a unique journey of self-discovery make Chef the ideal film to bring alive in an Indian context.” Plus, there is nothing Bollywood loves more than a redemption story (besides maybe a love triangle). There is no director or release date yet, but we’ll be patiently waiting.

[via Variety]