If you’re standing in front of Ja Rule at the ice cream parlor, you best not sample all 31 flavors.

The rapper—who has a reality TV show on MTV called Follow The Rulesinsists that he has a rebellious side and does not, in fact, follow the rules 100 percent of the time. In an interview with GQ, Rule admits he cuts lines all the time. But there are some unwritten Rules the rapper will never ever break, and one of them pertains to ice-cream shop etiquette. GQ contributor Maggie Lange writes,

“When I affirm to him that he’s famous and different rules apply, he pauses and says, ‘What you said made me think of Curb Your Enthusiasm with Larry David, do you watch that show? The episode where he’s on the line to get ice cream?’ He imitates David, ‘You can’t try every size cream, that’s not what the samples are for, you can’t just try them all! I’m into unwritten rules, you know what I mean? Those are my favorite rules to follow. The unwritten ones; those are the best ones. They are about human courtesy. You can’t try every ice cream! The rule isn’t there, but you’re supposed to know that.'”

If you have yet to watch the clip of Larry David going in on the “sample abuser” that Rule references, well, there’s no time like the present…

Damn, abusing your sampling privileges really is annoying. Unless you walk in, try all the flavors, then leave a $20 tip—that’s pretty chill.

Now watch Ja talk about jail recipes and media stereotypes while eating hot wings in the video below, and get your ice cream on with this list of 25 bucket-list ice cream shops to try before you die.

[via GQ]