Between cuddle cafes and hostess bars, it’s clear that intimacy is a commodity in modern-day Japan.

And now, thanks to Japanese novelty book shop Village Vanguard, you can buy instant curry that is “bundled with a DVD of a sexy model who will pretend to be your girlfriend while you eat it.” 

The instant meal, appropriately called “Delusion Curry,” will set you back $1,500 or ($13 USD).


The Village Vanguard also sells this shirt. (Photo: Twitter/@Harada_Mao)

And that’s not just any model that will be your fake girlfriend while you eat instant curry alone in your apartment. That’s 27-year-old gurabia model Mao Harada, who’s also known by her nickname “Haradan,” according to Rocket News 24. (And that is her actual chest printed on the T-shirt she’s wearing above).

The DVD is organized into three chapters, titled: “The Younger Girlfriend,” “The Older Girl Who Lives Next Door and is Sort of Risque,” and “Haradan Made a Home-Cooked Meal.”

But if curry is not your thing, there’s always the anti-loneliness ramen bowl and Moonin cafe, where solo diners are seated with stuffed animals so they don’t get sad.

[via NextShark]