Some good news for chocolate fiends: Hershey’s chocolates are getting a whole lot more wholesome. While the chocolate is still loaded with sugar—something science has proven isn’t so great for you—the ingredient lists for the company’s Kisses and other bars are now much simpler, so you can feel a little bit better about binging on the choc. The Associated Press notes that artificial ingredients have been swapped for natural replacements.

Hershey’s Kisses and bars are no longer made with vanilliin—an artificial flavoring—and instead will be made with, shockingly, real vanilla. The company is also removing lactose, a sugar found in milk, from both Kisses and bars. PGPR, an ingredient that “makes chocolate flow better in a manufacturing plant,” is also being removed from the bars. Instead, Hershey’s is upping the amount of cocoa butter to “produce the right texture.” The candy maker says that it started shipping the more natural chocolates to stores a few weeks ago.

The move is part of Hershey’s broader plan to transition to simpler ingredient lists for all of its products, writes Fortune. And the chocolate maker is just the latest major food company to do so. Taco Bell announced in May that by the end of 2015, the majority of its menu—except for its Dorito-blasted taco shells, of course—will be free of artificial ingredients. Other companies and chains that are giving the axe to fake ingredients include Subway, Kellogg’s, Papa John’s, and Nestlé.

[via AP]