Yesterday, the #BasedGod fanbase and Flavortown fanatics collectively high-fived as an event of epic proportions surfaced on Facebook, entitled: “Diners, Drive-Ins, and Vibes: Guy Fieri x Lil B Cook-off/Concert,” scheduled for January 22, 2016.

Right off the bat, insta-reactions flooded the comments section (“Put this shit on my tombstone”), but was this “Cooking Super Group” merely a hoax? A closer look reveals the “event” to actually be a petition hoping to bring these two NorCal legends together at UC Berkeley campus. In other words, nothing set in stone.

Chul Min Park, the event’s host, writes:

Why not have two of the greatest chefs of our generation up on stage TOGETHER doing what they do best??? Why not have these amazing human beings teach us the art of cooking and how to be BASED? Why not bring Guy Fieri’s “colorful culinary personality” and Lil B’s “colorful culinary personality” to the city of BERKELEY?

How is this going to work out? To be based with you, I don’t know…YET. But let’s get enough momentum behind this thing so that someone who can actually do something will MAKE THIS HAPPEN.

Judging by the numbers (2.4K replied “going” in the past 24 hours), the idea certainly has momentum behind it. That’s why one fan quickly took to Twitter to gauge B’s reaction.

Everyone was hoping for this response:


But the poor photoshop manipulation didn’t fool anybody.

The real reaction?

Admittedly, we’re a little surprised that he put the kibosh on the idea so suddenly. Lil B, whose appearance at Alice Waters’ Chez Panisse restaurant earlier this year was a landmark moment for food and pop-culture, went on record saying Guy Fieri “is a legend. He really cooks. He has a polarizing look.”

It seems as though Fieri’s status as a GAWD in the hip-hop world is in limbo. The Frosty-Tipped-One’s relationship with Drake is well-documented, and he’s already gotten the co-sign from 50 Cent. But others like DJ Khaled—who claims to not know the Triple-D mogul—proves that Fieri still has work to do to cement his reputation.

Would a collab with Lil B seal the deal? We can only hope…