Screenwriters know that making one of their characters eat disgusting sh*t is a surefire way to gross the audience out. On the consumer side of the entertainment equation, nothing makes our stomachs churn more than having to watch someone down a feces-filled pie, or a booger-flavored jelly bean.

Here are a dozen of the most sicking dishes in television and film history—because seeing Kyle down burgers that have been shoved in Cartman’s ass, or watching Van Wilder feed his enemies pastries filled with dog semen, is just way too much fun.

Pizza the Hutt

pizzaMovie: Spaceballs
Why it’s gross: SpaceballsPizza the Hutt may convince you to swear off delivery pizza for the rest of your life. This half-man, half-pizza creature is an oozing, cheesy pizza mess. If you weren’t already grossed out by looking at him, watching his robotic underling take a bite out of his face might scar you for life.

Minny’s “Chocolate” Pie

dudeMovie: The Help
Why it’s gross: In one of the greatest revenge plots in cinematic history, Minny brings Ms. Hilly a pie with an extra “special” surprise. After taking a stand against Hilly’s awful behavior, Minny leaves with the iconic line “eat my shit” before the woman finds out that she had, in fact, done just that.

Cartman Burgeru3w56

TV show: South Park
Why it’s gross: After creating a successful “Ass Burger” business, Eric Cartman’s burgers became the talk of the town, with restaurant franchises seeking his coveted recipe. Little did the franchises know that the “secret ingredient” was actually Cartman putting the burgers in his underwear. Classy.

Temple of Doom Feast

a Movie: Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom
Why it’s gross: In what was probably the most diverse dinner spread in the history of ever, Indiana Jones and his entourage were served a vast selection of some of the most nauseating fictional dishes of all time. The dinner included “Coiled Wrigglies” (a group of live eels stuffed inside a boa constrictor), fresh beetles, eyeball soup, and a dessert of chilled monkey brains served inside the head of a primate. The stuff of nightmares.

Dog Semen Pastryboys

Movie: Van Wilder
Why it’s gross: Van Wilder’s prank is something no human deserves to experience. After filling a group of pastries with dog semen, Van Wilder slips the desserts in a beautifully presented basket as a gift to his enemies. After all, no matter how disgusting the food may be, presentation truly is everything.

Maggot Rice

maggots Movie: The Lost Boys
Why it’s gross: Much like the poo pie from The Help, there is something horrifying about unknowingly eating a meal tainted with something other than what it is supposed to be. Watching Micahel Emerson in The Lost Boys go in on a carton of maggot rice and worm noodles will make you never look at Chinese takeout the same way again.

Spaghetti and Syrupu3wjw

Movie: Elf
Why it’s gross: Dinner with Buddy the Elf is anything but ordinary. Because the diet of a North Pole elf consists mainly of the four main food groups (candy, candy canes, candy corn, and syrup), Buddy can’t go without a nice helping of syrup on all of his foods—including spaghetti. Taking up a diet like this will guarantee you’ll be bouncing off the walls for hours.

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans

earwaxMovie: Harry Potter
Why it’s gross: If jelly beans weren’t already one of the world’s worst candies, the wizarding world of Harry Potter was somehow able to make them even more horrible. Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans come in a variety of both delicious and stomach-churning flavors. For example, dipping into a pack of these bad boys could leave you with a pleasant flavor like strawberry or, if you’re unlucky, you could end up chowing down on a vomit-flavored bean. The worst part is, the candy no longer only exists in the fictional world of Hogwarts. Thanks to the people over at Jelly Belly, you can now cop a pack for yourself.

Rachel’s Trifleu3vzb

TV show: Friends
Why it’s gross: We’ve all been there: trying a friend or family member’s disgusting-looking dish solely to be polite. Like any good friend, the squad works hard to get Rachel’s nasty meat-filled English Trifle down just to make her happy. But no one wants to eat something that tastes like feet. The episode gives plenty of ideas for how to excuse yourself from the table in case you find yourself in a situation like this. Shouts out to Joey for actually enjoying the dish.

Eric Cartman’s Chilicart

TV show: South Park
Why it’s gross: If you thought Cartman’s burgers were appalling, just wait until you hear his recipe for revenge chili. After Scott Tenorman cheats Cartman out of $16.12, Cartman is ready to get him back. In an elaborate scheme, he is able to get a crazy farmer to murder Tenorman’s parents. Afterwards, he steals the corpses and makes a chili out of the parents’ bodies, thus feeding an unknowing Tenorman the remains of his dead parents. Even as far as revenge plots go, this is taking things too far.

Jake and Eddie’s Eggs Erroneousyaa

Movie: Ernest Goes to Camp
Why it’s gross: Nothing is worse than being force-fed food that you loathe. In Ernest Goes to Camp, Jake and Eddie temp Ernest with a questionable-looking dish made of powdered eggs and plenty of herbs and spices, brought into the country by Tibetan monks. After Ernest refuses to taste the food, Jake and Eddie pin him down and attempt to spoon the questionable substance into his mouth. Not fun.

Nasty Patty


TV show: SpongeBob SquarePants
Why it’s gross: After an allegedly fake health inspector visits the Krusty Krab, Spongebob and Mr. Krabs decide to feed the guy a meal he will never forget. The dynamic duo crafts an untraditional burger out of toenail clippings, seahorse radish, and Volcano Hot Sauce, then drops it in the toilet and dries it with Mr. Krab’s dirty gym socks. To the chagrin of Krusty and Spongebob, the inspector chokes on a fly before he is able to take a bite of the Nasty Patty.