Love gravy? Love getting hammed over the holidays? Then we have the perfect Thanksgiving treat for you.

South Carolina restaurant Edmund’s Oast has created a hot bourbon and gravy shot rimmed with brown sugar and herbs so you can easily drink away your stresses this holiday season.

Never heard of an alcoholic gravy? Turns out it’s a thing that goes especially great with fried turkey. It’s a simple recipe that combines bourbon with the typical gravy fixings.

According to Urban Dictionary, a gravy drink is “a delicious alcoholic beverage made with gravy and one or more types of liquor. Although virtually any type of liquor will produce an acceptable gravy drink, typically whiskey/bourbon, brandy or cognac are used. Demi-glace may be used in place of gravy. Typical garnishes include a sprig of rosemary and a slice of crispy bacon.”

I love drinking #gravy #mmm #gravydrink

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So go ahead and indulge in this salty, boozy treat this Thanksgiving. And if you’re under 21, try out Jones’ Thanksgiving flavored soda to get all the flavors of a feast, minus the chewing.

[via Twitter/Edmund’s Oast]