It’s no secret that eating too much sugar can cause you to gain weight, leading to diabetes and a slew of un-fun health problems.

Now, the FDA is recommending Americans limit their daily added-sugar intake to just 12.5 teaspoons (or 50 grams) a day. While this number may initially seem high, it is easier to hit that 50 gram mark—without eating candy bars and chocolate chip cookies—than you might think. An infographic crafted by Mashable details just how fast you can reach 50 grams of sugar by eating just one meal comprised of relatively “healthy” foods like yogurt, coffee, and granola.

According to the infographic, a pre-packaged Dole Chopped Sunflower Crunch salad can rack in more grams of sugar than half of a Kit Kat bar and a quarter cup of Talenti ice cream combined.

Peep the illustration below to see just how easy it is to hit that 50 grams mark: 


(Infographic via Mashable)

[via Mashable]