Fast-food companies didn’t always promote their products with sexy models feasting on burgers. Many of our favorite chains looked quite different in the days of disco and beanbag chairs.

Peep this compilation of iconic fast-food commercials from the 1970’s. Some might seriously surprise you; for example, who knew Burger King used to sell a ham-and-cheese sandwich?

After you watch the video, check out these incredible ’70s fast-food promotions below—which we believe need to make a comeback.

Taco Bell’s Enchirito


This discontinued cult classic is Taco Bell’s trademarked mix between an enchilada and a burrito.  Luckily, you can still hack the menu to cop this legendary item.

Burger King’s ham-and-cheese sandwich


For the times all your friends are craving Burger King and you want nothing more than a Subway sandwich. A Burger King ham and cheese would be the perfect compromise.

Hardee’s 69-cent soft drinks


What isn’t there to love about sipping a soda that costs less than a dollar in a collectable cup?

Jack-in-the-Box’s three tacos for 89 cents deal


This doesn’t really need much explanation. Who wouldn’t want three tacos for 89 cents?

Fast-food jingles

Catchy songs in commercials can be a blessing and a curse. On the bright side, it is always fun to sing along once you learn the words. On the down side, the tune will most likely be stuck in your head forever.

[via YouTube]