The world has hit #peakramen. There are ramen noodle baths, ramen ice cream, and even museums dedicated to the incredible food.

But for those looking for an easy way to become a ramen noodle GAWD at home, look no further than the Mega House “Ramen Restaurant in Your Home.”


Throw your stash of Cup of Noodles away because this Easy Bake Oven-esque creation is kid-friendly and essentially fool-proof. A step-by-step instructional video details just how you can craft noodles from scratch and create your own meal, because let’s be honest, ramen wins over lame-ass baked goods any day.

All you need to become a pro is the machine, some water, salt, eggs, flour and baking soda.


You can cop the machine for yourself or the kiddies on Amazon for $53.42. With the Mega House “Ramen Restaurant in Your Home,” whole family will serving up some next-level ramen in no time.


[via Rocket News 24]