Here’s a restaurant that will please humans and Saiyans alike: According to Kotaku, Danke Dining in Nagoya, Japan is serving up a dish based on the beloved anime series Dragon Ball Z. The restaurant is known for its Dragon Ball Nabe. Nabe is another term for hot pot, a dish that features raw meat and vegetables served with a seasoned broth in which diners dip the uncooked ingredients.

The Dragon Ball Nabe features an additional item: Seven orange dragon balls. The balls are made from a collagen jelly and feature little stars made from cut carrots. Fans have pointed out that the pattern of the five stars in the restaurant’s jelly dragon balls isn’t always correct, but it’s impressive considering how difficult it is to place carrot stars neatly into a mass of gelatin. Unsurprisingly, the dish has gained some social media fame:

Dragon Ball Z isn’t the first animated series to get the food treatment in Japan. Earlier this year, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of Super Mario Bros., Tokyo played host to a Mario-themed pop-up restaurant. There, customers could order a slew of dishes that referenced the legendary video game including a Super Star Rice Omelet, Mario Latte, and a Princess Peach Panna Cotta.

[via Kotaku]