This past Wednesday, a Domino’s pizza truck carrying rising pizza dough crashed into an Indianapolis overpass.

At 6:30 am, a truck driver unfamiliar with the area collided with the low bridge, peeling back the roof the the truck and exposing all of the leavening Domino’s dough.


(Screen capture via footage from The Associated Press)

According to Fox 59, the crash caused some serious damage to the truck and resulted in the pizza dough spilling out over the road. While no one was hurt, the asphalt-covered dough was deemed unsanitary and inedible. The Associated Press shows footage of the dough balls being swept away by workers cleaning up the scene, a process which took over two hours.


Eater notes that although the crash left the load of pizza dough tainted, Domino’s has not released a statement explaining how the crash might effect pizza supplies in-store.


This is not the first time a food delivery went south. Back in August, a truck delivering Bud Light crashed after the driver was distracted by his puppy. The accident caused hundreds of Natty Light cans to spread all across Florida’s  I-75 highway. Luckily, both the driver and the dog were unharmed. RIP shitty beer.

[via the Associated Press]