An Illinois woman found out the hard way that taking advantage of an all-you-can-eat promotion isn’t always as easy as it seems.

When Denny’s customer Natasha West ordered a $4 all-you-can-eat pancake special, she thought she hit the jackpot. In a genius and thrifty move by West, she decided to split the pancakes amongst herself and her friends, thinking she could feed the entire table with endless pancakes. But Denny’s wasn’t having it.

A waitress tried to stopped West, explaining that an all-you-can-eat promotion cannot be shared among multiple patrons. Angered by the news, West grew violent, allegedly swearing and trying to hit her waitress. With empty stomachs, West and her friends left the Denny’s without paying for the pancakes, but not before Denny’s restaurant manager called the authorities.

Police were able to stop West and charge her with assault and damage to property. Another member of her party was charged for falsely providing police with identification.

All was not lost for this particular Denny’s—later on, one of West’s friends returned to the restaurant to pay off the $4 bill.

[via WGN]