Not tipping your server is already a douche move. Even worse is when you leave a xenophobic note for them instead. According to NBC, that is exactly what happened to a waitress at Bamboo Thai Bistro in Redondo Beach, CA last week. When the server—an unnamed Thai immigrant in her thirties—came to pick up the signed check from Jason Naglich, she found a note that read “Tip for U.S. citizens only.”

A co-worker tells NBC that the waitress thought “it was her fault, that maybe she did something wrong to offend him or something.” A photo of the receipt ended up on social media platforms, and quickly went viral. Many were very upset over the incident, with some people even comparing him to ISIS.

LAist notes that people are also pointing out that if Naglich has such a problem with Asian immigrants, it’s weird that he is visiting a Thai restaurant. Somehow, Naglich failed to put together the fact that without immigrants, he might not have such easy access to cuisines from other countries. The waitress tells NBC that she is in the U.S. legally on a working visa and hopes to get a green card soon to “give her two kids a better life.” Perhaps Naglich should leave immigrant policy making to the government, not receipt tip lines.

This unfortunately isn’t the first time someone wrote something incredible racist or awful on a restaurant receipt. Just last year, a server at a Pizza Hut in Singapore wrote a not-so-kind descriptor of a customer on the bottom of her receipt, calling her a “pink fat lady.” A similar incident happened to a customer of Landmark Steakhouse in California. A man received a receipt that addressed him as “McNigShit” and “McCottonwood.”

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