Lots of cool sh*t exists on the Internet, like Vines, movie times, and entire search engines dedicated to Nicolas Cage pictures. The World Wide Web also allows you to discover some of the wildest IRL restaurants in the world. Case in point: Imgur dug up Pizzariabatepapo, a pizzeria located in Guarujá, Brazil.

What’s notable about PBP? They stock their pies with absolutely batsh*t-insane ingredients like f*cking tire wheels, cases of beer, whole crabs, and LIVE BIRDS.




What appears to be a Brazilian pizza blog called Bodegaria caught up with the owner to discover the shop’s origins (note: all responses have been loosely translated from Portuguese by Google Tranlsate):

Q: How did the idea of creating pizzas so big?

A: So the idea came from a pizza packaging market promotion. Such packaging has 50cm it was cheaper than the traditional 35cm. I bought this pack of 50cm and had the idea to work with this size pizza. At first we made ​​only up to 4 flavors, so did the idea of making another sweet taste in the middle of the pizza.

The owner, Pizzaiolo Ricardo, tells Bodegaria that his goal with the Facebook page is to keep it constantly updated. It appears to have paid off: He claims people come from all over to try out his business’ gonzo pizzas.

PBP isn’t the only international restaurant putting over-the-top spins on grub. An Australian café is currently whipping up milkshakes that have hamburgers sticking out of them.

Far out.


[Imgur via The Daily Mail]