Whether your loyalty lies with the East Coast or West Coast, you can’t deny the draw of In-N-Out and its iconic fast-food burgers. With its cult-like following and notoriously long drive-thru lines, it’s only natural for super fans to take interest in the restaurant’s secret offerings. But did you know about items like fry-stuffed grilled cheeses, or monkey-style burgers?

To bring you up to date, the generous folks at FoodBeast have highlighted some of the best top-secret foods at the restaurant so you, too, can order like a pro: 

Go beyond the typical cheeseburger.

Feeling extra hungry? Try ordering a burger with a little extra meat on it. In-N-Out’s 3×3 and 4×4 burgers feature three or four extra patties with extra cheese to match.


Item: 3×3 or 4×4

Get some extra crispy fries.

Soggy fries at In-N-Out getting you down? There’s a hack for that. Simply ask for your fries “well done.” This will make sure your fries will be extra crispy. And if you’re only looking for just a little extra crunch, you can get your fries “light well” for a medium crisp level.


Item: Well done fries


Item: Light well fries

Appeal to the token vegetarian.

Veggie lovers can order meat-free food with a grilled cheese option featuring two stacks of cheese, secret sauce, or opt for a veggie burger stuffed with fries. Fast-food heaven.


Item: Grilled cheese


Item: Veggie burger


Item: Cheese fries

Indulge in In-N-Out while on a diet.

As we approach January 1st, it’s time to think about those new year’s resolutions and get our health back into check. As you know, dieting is all about moderation, and In-N-Out gets this. Grab a protein-style burger so you can still indulge without breaking the calorie bank.


Item: Protein style

Animal-style = ecstacy.

Chances are, if you are even slightly familiar with In-N-Out’s secret menu, you have heard of its animal-style offerings. Now is your chance to try the phenomenon for yourself with animal style burgers and fries.


Item: Animal style burger


Item: Animal style fries

Super rare items.

While animal-style may be one of In-N-Out’s more popular secret menu items, the hacks don’t end there. Order some roadkill fries to amp up your meal, or opt for the monkey-style burgers (stuffed with animal-style fries).


Item: Monkey Burger


Item: Flying Dutchman


Item: Roadkill fries

[via FoodBeast]