It’s been a tough year for fast-casual titan Chipotle when it comes to the ingredients it stocks at its restaurants. First, there was the #CarnitasGate debacle that prevented the chain from providing pork, and then an E. coli outbreak in Minnesota was linked to Chipotle’s tomatoes.

Well, Chipotle’s 2015 has gotten worse. According to the AP, the company has agreed to shut down all of its restaurants in Oregon and Washington after health officials have linked an E. coli outbreak to the restaurant in the two states.

Here are the details:

As of Friday, three people in the Portland area and 19 people in western Washington had become sick from E. coli. Seventeen of them had eaten at a Chipotle restaurant during the past few weeks.

Eight people have been hospitalized but no deaths have been reported.

No particular product or ingredient has been specifically mentioned as the cause, but Marisa D’Angeli, medical epidemiologist with the Washington State Department of Health, mentions that she believes the illnesses stemmed from a fresh produce product.

Chipotle says it will keep its locations closed while the investigation progresses. Although only six restaurants are suspected of serving tainted food, the company shuttered the others out of precaution.


If you were one of the forty-three Chipotle locations effected by the E. Coli outbreak and desperately missing your burrito bowls, you are in luck.

The Seattle and Portland-based restaurants have been cleared after tests found no traces of bacteria in the food. According to Reuters, the locations are set to open doors as soon as this Wednesday after 900 food samples all tested negatively in regards to E. Coli.

Now, Chipotle must now take extra precautions and throw out all food items and pre-test “high-risk” foods such as lettuce and peppers.

[Via AP]